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Guaranteed Car Finance

Do we offer Guaranteed Car Finance?

“Am i guaranteed Car Finance” or “Am i Guaranteed be accepted for car finance if you apply with you?” are two of our most commonly asked questions. Or maybe you want to know how our car finance process works and what happens once you apply for car finance. Particularly if you’re in a rush to get a car or if you have bad credit and you’ve been declined elsewhere.
Are You worried about applying for car Finance?

Missed Payments or Arrears – We specialise in helping people who have a Bad Credit Rating, and so if you are looking for a car finance on finance we are in a good position to help. Even If you’ve fallen behind on payments on other credit agreements then we still might be able to help, however we do recommend that you do everything you can to get up to date quickly.
IVA’s – do you currently have an IVA? If so, we’ll need written confirmation from your Insolvency Practitioner that they’re happy for you to borrow again. If you’ve had an IVA in the past which has been settled then you’re welcome to apply.
Bankruptcy – If you’re in a bankruptcy order then we are unable to help at the moment, However If your bankruptcy has been discharged then we are happy to consider your application.
CCJ’s – We can help you obtain Car Finance If you have CCJs, as long as you can afford the repayments based on your income and expenditure.

Are you worried about credit searches affecting your credit score?

If you’re looking for guaranteed car finance there are a couple of things you should know before you apply.

1. We can only lend to people who can afford the repayments through income and expenditure report as we are committed to ensuring you only borrow what you can reasonably afford to pay responsibility. Our team will talk you through the application & explain everything upfront. We look at your application on a merit basis and will only refer your application to one of our lenders if we believe you can repay the loan after the Income & Expenditure report shows you can.

2. All of our lenders have Bad Credit criteria in place for Approving Car Finance Application. They will perform a credit search and look at your current income & Expenses, but also the type of vehicle you want to purchase based on need for such a vehicle. How much you want to borrow against the risk of your credit file help work out the APR..

All of this means we can’t offer a Guaranteed Car Finance Approval for Car Credit, because each application is different.
However If you do apply with us we have all the major lenders in the UK that specialise in helping people with Bad Credit so that we accept more people for Car Finance in the South Coast than any other Car Dealer.

Once you make an application and tell us about yourself one of our friendly team will call you to answer any questions you have about Guaranteed Car Finance and explain how we work on your behalf to ensure you get a Car Finance Approval , However we can’t guarantee that we can help you although we will always try to explain how we might in the future if there are simple things holding you back.

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