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Car Finance for Bad Credit

Purchasing a Car on Finance can be difficult if you have had a Bad or Poor Credit History.

RightDrive Car Finance for bad credit  provides access to all the major bad credit car finance lenders in the UK.  We approve more customers for the purchase of a car  each month who are unfortunate enough to have a poor credit history, than anyone else in the local area.

A few reasons people find it harder to get Car Finance for Bad Credit

 Late or Missed Payments
 CCJ’s, Defaults or Arrears
 HM Forces
 Low Credit Scores
 Benefits Only Income
 Self Employed
 New Job
 Not on Voters Roll
 Been Declined Elsewhere
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Car Finance for Bad Credit

There are many companies on the Internet all offering credit for people with bad credit from any dealership, These companies however do not work with the necessary finance lenders in order to Approve customers with a Bad Credit Rating.

This is because these finance lenders want to work with the Car Dealers that provides the vehicle  not a 3rd party who just wants a finance commision from the sale.

Please read our options for Car Finance for people with a Poor Credit History.

RightDrive’s Car Finance Options

 We Underwrite your current situation not your past credit history
 Finance terms from 12 to 48 months (4 Years)
 Use your part exchange as a deposit
 Your monthly repayments from £150 Per Month
 Access to all the UK’s Major Bad Credit Finance Lenders
 High Acceptance Rate
 Your Loan is secured Against the Car
 Fast Approval Decisions
 Competitive Rates for Car Finance for Bad Credit.
 Flexible Age Restrictions From 21 – 75
 95% of our customers would recommend our service to others.
 Friendly & helpful Staff – See Meet the Team Below

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